New Items @QT Galleries Prefabs

Whilst the ground on Dolphin Bay undergoes extensive remodelling the sky platforms are still open and new items are occasionally being added.

This last week quad added three prefabs that have languished in inventory for long enough.

QT Galleries Prefabs – three new items

First up is the large 60x60m Gold and Black freestanding store
This store is suitable for clothes or jewellery or homewares and comes complete with some matching display boards and merchandise stands.
Mod/Copy/No Trans 400 Izzies
Display item here – vendor in the QT Prefabs Store on the ground here

QT Galleries Prefabs – Steel & Brick Gallery entrance

The two storey Brick & Steel Gallery (45x45m) is suitable as an art gallery, home or small self contained mall or market.
Mod/Copy/No Trans 400 Izzies
Display item here – vendor in the QT Prefabs Store on the ground here

QT Galleries Prefabs – new fountain & garden

The Roman inspired walled garden with fountain was the centre piece of the QT Galleries display for the 2013 Inworldz Halloween event. Now available to grace your garden for only 300 Izzies mod/copy/No trans
Display item here – vendor in the QT Prefabs Store on the ground here

New Landing area for QT Galleries on Dolphin Bay. As TP Routing is in effect if you use an LM to arrive on the sim simply use the LM once again to take you to the desired destination.


Bubbles invade the grid

A new particle sculpture is available on Dolphin Bay, for which still images do not do the effect justice (you just have to go and experience this for yourself)…

Two new particle pieces on the Cloud Gallery level on Dolphin Bay. Soft Primary Dots and The Bubbles (including the display Sphere) on show and for sale from the vendor boxes seen here.

and shortly after they went on display the bubbles started spreading seen here on Angels Loft

The Angels Loft display is a special red, orange and green version – seen here from below. The particle sculpture is mesmerising with the particles drifting on the sim wind.

and then they landed on the Dreamz & Visionz II sim adding to the “Elements” sim size installation quadrapop built for the “wishing” Fantasy Arts Festival earlier in the year.

Bubbles gather over the bright light lake… try various sky settings and see the effect.

Bubbles and moon through the light lake surface… nebula and stars

The Elements build has gained not just a version of the particle bubbles but also the Water section has acquired Idea Bubbles… the valley will fill slowly with pretty bubbles!

The Water Element valley – with it;s frozen lake will slowly fill with these glowing bubbles. Some will remain physical .

Walking lines were added to the fire section of the Elements Installation – spooky drifting lines move between the changing coloured light trees.

Walking Lines is the name of the particle sculpture that inhabits the Fire Element quadrant – if you see only a few lines lower your draw distance to 96m or less while in the Lava area.

Versions of the above particle pieces are also on display as part of the ground level display on Dolphin Bay over the water near the Q3 Gallery in the North East corner of the sim.

The Bubbles drift across the waters of Dolphin Bay, bouncing peacefully through the plants, sculptures and boardwalks.

Links to the various sims below:

Dolphin Bay (sim has TP routing turned on – please use LM once again on arrival to be TP’d to the Cloud Gallery.)

Loft Performance space, Angels Loft (sim has TP routing turned on – please use LM once again on arrival to be TP’d to the Loft Performance space.)

QT Elements Installation, Dreamz&Visionz II sim

2103 Dreamz and Visionz Express Yourself Art Festival

quadrapop has created a pool of ideas for this latest of the Dreamz & Visionz Art Festivals.

The Idea Pool, by quadrapop at 2nd Express Yourself Art Festival, Dreamz & Visionz IV till 17 May 2013

Over the course of the Art Festival the pool has filled with colourful bubbles that flash with ideas.

The Idea Pool Bubbles accumulate in the pool, starting out physical, they bounce around and then settle till 1000 ideas are present.

In a notecard available from the QT Galleries logo next to the Ideas Pool at the Festival quadrapop has this to say about the work:

As an artist I am often asked where I get my inspiration. My most common response is “from things around me”, ideas spawn constantly from what I see, hear, read and experience. I have more ideas than I have time to realise.

This build is a metaphor for that process. Ideas are spawned seemingly from no where, they fall into the water where they bounce around, collide and settle. Sometimes ideas emerge as images and are seen surrounding the pool. The images are sourced from the artist’s own instagram stream – a common contemporary form of self expression.

By the end of the 14 day Express Yourself Festival the ideas will have accumulated and there will be a pile of sparkling multicoloured globes filling the pond. A pile of concepts waiting for realisation.

How many ideas in 2 weeks? Stop a while and see ūüėČ

April 2013

The bubbles glow and sparkle under the water

More images of the idea pool during the course of the Festival can be seen on the QT Galleries Koinup stream here

The individual elements from the Idea Pool are now on sale at QT Galleries on Dolphin Bay. Take the steps up from the sim landing to purchase your own Dock, Idea Bubbles and plants.

The Idea Pool Elements on sale at QT Galleries, Dolphin Bay.

The Instagram images from the Idea Pool’s edge are available for sale in the QT Instagram House to the west of the Dolphin Bay landing. TP to the Instagram house is available on the sim steps.

The QT Instagram House, a gallery of quad’s own instagram images… as featured in the 2013 Express Yourself Idea Pool. Buy individual Instagrams to have examples of the many ideas q has every day.

Also available on the Idea Pool Sale level is the Express Yourself  Stage Building

The interior of the deceptive Express Yourself 2013 Stage – the exterior is a blank white box! Featuring a special ceiling version of the animated abstract Divided Diamond panel.

and¬† the exclusive “Divided Diamonds” wall designs seen in the stage building will be available for sale for the month after the Festival closes.¬† Other colours of the divided Diamonds panels are available at the QT Galleries Satellite Store on Ona.

One of the specially coloured Divided Diamonds animated abstract wall panels in the Express Yourself Stage – these will be available (for a short time only) from QT Galleries on Dolphin Bay after the festival closes.

The Express Yourself Art Festival is always a very special part of the Dreamz & Visionz cycle – a time for each artist to reveal something special about themselves, their lives or their work. Do drop by Dreamz N Visionz IV, Collaborations and Dreamz&Visionz sims and see all the amazing works by a wide range of creators in Inworldz. The Express Yourself Art Festival runs until 17th May 2013, in Inworldz.

The Elysium Festival

Recently quadrapop took part in another of the Dreamz & Visionz Art Festivals in Inworldz. It was called “Elysium – The Utopia of Afterlife” and ran from 22 March till 5 April, 2013.¬† Participants were encouraged to express their understanding of the afterlife.

quadrapop built a ball of light which on entering one’s avatar was surrounded by….

Enter the Light – quadrapop Tree – Elysium: Utopia of the Afterlife March 22 – 5 April

…nothing. The darkness was complete (as long as one did not have name tags active). It brings to the viewer that, for this artist at least, the only things left behind after death are the memories of those still alive.¬† Left alone with one’s own existence within this glowing sphere full of darkness one comes face to blackness with the reality of ceasing to be.

The Stained Glass Globe – quadrapop Tree – floating magically on the waters of Collaborations sim, Inworldz during the Elysium Festival. the globe is now available to purchase in two sizes at QT Galleries on the Dolphin Bay sim.

The Festival stage floated on the waters… a glowing combination of work by quadrapop and Sy Celina this festival’s co-director. Beside the stage appeared a colourful ball, which in contrast to the artist’s festival entry, was full of colourful light and was described by one viewer as “it’s like being inside a stained glass window.”

Tranquillity Dexler giving a speech at the closing ceremony of the Elysium Festival

The Festival Judges were none other than the grid founder Tranquillity Dexler,¬† D&V Art Festival Gallery Curator Tadhg Muirin and D&V Art Festival scripter Cephus Twine. The festival grew out of a conversation between Tranquillity and Jeri Rahja (co-chair of the Dreamz & Visions Art Festival and owner of the sims the Festival inhabits) soon after Tranquillity’s father died.

The Elysium festival touched many hearts and minds during it’s short life – just as its subject touches us all at some point. Resonating through the metaverse mention of Elysium washed up on a variety of online shores as varied as facebook, Twitter, blogs, image sharing websites and in art groups on several grids.

QT Galleries @ 2nd Elfclan Fantasy Festival

Wishing - the 2nd Elfclan Fantasy Art Festival held in conjunction with Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festivals.

Wishing – the 2nd Elfclan Fantasy Art Festival held in conjunction with Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festivals.

The 2nd Elfclan Fantasy Art Festival opens on 1st February 2013 and QT Galleries will be represented by the terraforming of the festival sims and a full sim installation. Moontan Valeeva and quadrapop have been busy through January shaping and making ready the 3 festival sims: Cirque de la Luna, Collaborations & Dreamz & Visionz. The 40 creators/teams of builders have spent the last 2 weeks busily building and the sims are frankly looking amazing… this is an art festival like none other!

Moontan, as the chair for the festival, has been responsible for organising the creator’s plots, the infrastructure on top of quad’s landscape and being the front line of creator liaison, leaving quadrapop to shape the landscape and do various technical tasks. Jeri Rahja has lined up a great list of performers through the Festival period starting with Russell Eponym at 1pm on February 1 at the main stage on Dreamz & Visionz.


Earth – Elements installation – Dreamz & Visionz II – by quadrapop Tree

quadrapop’s Elements installation is a full sim of evocative environmental artwork. The sim has been divided into 4 each representing one of the 4 elmeents Earth, Air, Fire and Water. As part of the Festival opening ceremony quad will officially open the Elements installation and simultaneously celebrate the coming of a physics engine to Inworldz by dropping 200 physical bubbles into the “Water” exhibit.


Air – Elements Installation – Dreamz & Visionz II – by quadrapop Tree

“Elements” has been described by the lucky few to get sneak peeks as “amazing effects‚Ķ just breath taking“, “poetic”
a region of a mind turned inside out… a [revelation] of ideas, and memory, and feeling [leaving traces] on living tissue


Fire – Elements Installation – Dreamz & Visionz II – by quadrapop Tree

As with all quadrapop made installations it is worth walking around, touching things, and trying various sky and water presets… the mood and meaning is as fluid as the water surrounding the sim. Come discover your own interpretation.

Water – Elements Installation – Dreamz 7 Visionz II – by quadrapop Tree
On 1st February the bubbles captured in the sphere to top right will be released…

Once the Festival is open it will be possible to own aspects of the Elements build as they will be available for purchase at the newly revamped QT Galleries on Dolphin Bay sim.

QT Galleries - special exhibitions

Special Exhibitions Vendor display area – QT Galleries – Dolphin Bay, Inworldz

Winterfest Closing Party

After a very successful 10 days the Winterfest on Amphitrite sim in Inworldz came to a close with a bang on Sunday afternoon IWT.

Prowess & quadrapop on stage during the performance

Prowess Rayna played variations on Christmas tunes (managing to make them very much her own ūüėČ while quadrapop rendered some seasonal magic and created a scene around the party. Snow, ice and moonlight combined to create a romantic vision of a winter’s night.

Kasha Selona won audience recognition for best costume

Kasha Selona’s ice queen avatar looked very much at home.

Dancers at the Winterfest Closing Party

Eleseren and Drakeo were presented with a copy of the build they commissioned and each person who tipped quad was given a small 20m skybox version as a TY.

The winner of the snowman/person/being building competition was anan eebus, chosen by public votes.

anan eebus' snowmen partying teh night away

anan eebus’ snowmen partying the night away

I’m Dreaming Gifts

Hidden within quad’s Dreaming build at the IW Dreamz & Visionz I’m Dreaming Art Festival is a small box crammed with wearable goodies. Here are some pics showing what is in that box:

QT I'm Dreaming Gifties Hidden in the build

Two pendants – one fitted for male and one for female:

QT I'm Dreaming lady's Curly Plant pendant

QT I'm Dreaming guy's Curly plant pendant

A unisex cord bracelet (two sizes):
QT I'm Dreaming guy's cord bracelet

and a pair of Christmas bauble earrings that are not baubles:

QT I'm Dreaming earrings

Explore the whole build to find your gift – touch the box when you find it to receive your gift in a folder in your inventory.

Here’s a visual hint:

QT I Am Dreaming - island

Happy hunting and please explore the amazing sims filled with Christmas themed builds and the two sims of items up for auction to raise money for the Hurricane Sandy Appeal (including parts of quad’s build – bid box on the ground next to the build).

I am Dreaming Art Festival – quad dreams…

Quadrapop finished off the Dark Side build on Delphi and for a bit of light relaxation turned to the building of a Dream for Jeri’s IW Dreamz & Visionz “I am Dreaming Art Festival” on the Pangaea sim.

Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival – 9:00 am 1st December on Dreamz & Visionz III sim
Russell Eponym will be opening this Art Festival at 9AM, the festival consists of 3 art sims, with yet another of one devoted to Hurricane Sandy Relief Appeal.

What follows are some sneak peek images of the build to entice you to come and have a look. Parts of the build are in the Hurricane Sandy Art Relief Auction (auction box is next to the box containing the goodies you can bid on)

I am Dreaming QT Auction Items

The above items are in the Auction box.
bid for them by paying the small box next to the Auction box.

Pangaea sim,

On the ground is a shallow pool swimming with ethereal plants, surrounded by small rocky fountains and trees that shimmer with changing colours. Floating over the pool is a slowly rotating cloud of curlicules in shades of blue and purple… dropping from above are occasional drips from the floating ice sky island (you can grab a TP up from the pyramid next to the nametag). On the sky Island you will find a magic pool housed in a small shrine. Touch the pool and see what happens…

QT is Dreaming @ the I'm Dreaming Art fest , Pangaea

QT I am Dreaming – dreaming on the ground

QT I Am Dreaming - island

Magic pool on the sky island – dreaming in the sky

Snapshot _ I'm Dreaming Art fest , Pangaea (159, 88, 134)

Sky dreaming…

QT I'm Dreaming Art fest midday

Midday dreaming – let there be light!

quad recommends you view the build in a variety of lighting settings, the mood and feeling of the environment will change considerably.

Upcoming for QT Galleries: exhibitions, stalls and performance art!

quad’s work load over the next month is pretty full. By the end of November both the Community Library (December-February) and the IW Dreamz & Visions – I Am Dreaming (1 Dec – 2 Jan) builds need to be completed.

Community Library Fantasy Exhibition, Delphi sim, Inworldz

Then there is the Winterfest (7-16Dec) event to prepare for by 6th December – QT Galleries will have a small stall, a snowman (Eleseren has got a great snowman building comp is part of the event ) and quad will be doing a combined performance with Prowess Raynar on the closing day 16 December at 4pm IWT.

Winterfest Poster, Amphitrite sim, Inworldz

In the new year quad is contemplating a revamp of the Dolphin Bay sim landing area and this will be celebrated with an event that will also go on the IMAB calendar.

quadrapop’s plot at IW D&V I am Dreaming art fest…

Silly season is shaping up to be silly.

QT Galleries part of Community Library’s Fantasy Display

Alexina & Prax are hosting a display focusing on Fantasy with books, builds and events including story telling. Quadrapop Tree has built a house haunted by images and links to the dark side…

quad in thr Dark Side

QT The Dark Side – under construction – Delphi sim, Inworldz

A number of artists and builders have made immersive environments that cover over half the Delphi sim they include:
Tiana Genesis: ShadeLight Forest
Alizarin Goldflake: In the Lair of the Silvery Snakes
soror Nishi: Flora Virtua Exotica
Elwing Qendra: Faery Sanctuary
Strand Starsider: Realm of the Mermaid
Miso Susanowa: The Fountain of Salmacis
Quadrapop Tree: The Dark Side

View of the Fantasy Display on Delphi – under construction

The display opens on December 1 with a 3 hour long event including music dancing and other fun.

For more information see the Community Library’s own website: